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“Survival Kit for Sisters” Pattern

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Survival Kit for Sisters

Survival Kit for Sisters

A fun and unique gift you can make to show your sister how much she is appreciated! This 3 x 5 inch gift box can be filled with your candy and other items guaranteed to make them smile. A great gift to show how important their friendship is to you, whether for a Birthday or Holiday…An even better gift when sent to a sister “out of the blue”, or when she is feeling a bit down! So easy to put together…all you have to do is print, cut, glue, and fill with goodies! For all those times when a surprise gift could lift her spirits, or to say “Thank You”, or to tuck into a gift basket, you’ll be prepared! Think of all the joy you can bring with this one simple template in your gift stash from Gifts U Can Make!

The template is designed to be printed on one 8 1/2″  x 11″ sheet of white or colored cardstock, with minimal cutting. All you need to make this gift is a pair of scissors, glue, some ribbon (or other tie-able material), and some candy to put into the box! If you want to make another one, just print out another copy – you can make as many as you want!

A list of the contents is printed on the outside of the box and says:

Because families always “stick” together.
To remind you of all of the happy times we share.
Tootsie Roll:
For all the times we’ve let the good times “roll”.
Because everyone makes mistakes
and needs a second chance.
Peppermint Patty:
For when I’m not there to “pat” you on the back.
For all the times you smoothed things over for me.
So we will always have money to go SHOPPING!!
For the times you feel like you will “burst”
if you don’t share your secret with me.

***This is for a PDF file to download so you can make the gift yourself. There is nothing for us to physically ship out.

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  1. Anne says:

    SO creative, love it!