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“Adult” Easter Egg Wrappers

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"Adult" Easter Eggs

“Adult” Easter Eggs

Easter baskets are just for kids, right? If so, how do you account for all the baskets our husbands, and even fathers, get on Easter Sunday? And, they’re not filled with just regular jelly beans, either…they have to be upgraded to such fare as Jelly Bellies, Godiva, solid chocolate bunnies, cream-filled eggs, and so on! Well, this is definitely something for you to consider this year to  tuck into your sweetie’s Easter basket, along with the usual goofies!  To keep it simple, you can use  your own hand-dyed eggs or dollar-store plastic eggs that open in the middle, (which can then be filled with even more goodies)… just print out these adorable egg-wrappers onto white paper, cut out, then glue or tape the ends to make these fun “Adult” eggs for that grown-up kid in your life!  Granted, these are not eggs meant for teenagers, but are meant for “Big Kids” only, and will make a fun and unique addition to the baskets of those with a sense of humor!  Or, you could place a couple on his breakfast plate first thing in the morning…A tongue-in-cheek version of the “farm fresh” egg!  The accompanying card reads:


Why are we smiling like we’ve “got it made”?
Well, you’d smile too, if you’d just been “layed”!


The pdf file contains the tag and 12 of these cuties, so you can pick and choose your favorites!

***This is for a PDF file to download so you can make the gift yourself. There is nothing for us to physically ship out.

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