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Easter Jelly Bean Story

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Easter Jelly Bean Story

Easter is just around the corner, and that means jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and egg-hunts and new outfits to wear Easter morning. In this age of commercialization, it is sometimes easy to forget the real meaning of Easter, and so the “Jelly Bean Story” came into being. The PDF file contains a tag that you can just print out and attach to a jar as a stand-alone gift,  or attach to a box or bag of jelly beans and put into an Easter Basket…it will make a memorable addition to this year’s festivities, while giving new meaning to the many colors of Easter!



The pdf file contains photographs, instructions and the tag. All you have to do is supply the jelly beans and a container to put them in.

***This is for a PDF file to download so you can make the gift yourself. There is nothing for us to physically ship out.

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