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365 Daily Reminders for My Daughter Sayings

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365 Daily Reminders for My Daughter
365 Daily Reminders for My Daughter

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, a get-well gift, or ‘just thinking of you’, this is one gift that will not be put away in a closet, but enjoyed for an entire year! Bring a smile to your daughter’s face everyday of the year with this PDF that contains a gift tag and 365 short messages of love, hope, friendship, and hugs!  Guaranteed to warm the heart and brighten her day, when she reads a note and thinks of you!  So easy to make – just print, cut, and fold!The hang tag reads…

Several years ago
My hopes & dreams came true.
A very special happiness began
When I was blessed with you.
Our memories we’ll treasure,
With love without end…
I’m glad you’re my daughter,
I’m glad you’re my friend.

Some examples of the sayings are:

A mother is someone with whom you may not see eye to eye, but is someone who will always walk with you arm in arm.

Attitude is everything – pick a good one !

Daughter – Here’s to your love, health, and wealth — and time to enjoy each.

Gods Most Beautiful Thoughts Bloom into Children.

I was feeling lonely and missing you – but then I looked in my heart and there you were. -Thelma Lamont

I’m smiling because you’re my daughter…and laughing because there’s nothing you can do about it!

***This is for a PDF file to download so you can make the gift yourself. There is nothing for us to physically ship out.

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