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Birthday Toilet Paper Card for My Sister

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Personalized Birthday Toilet Paper Card for My Sister

Personalized Birthday Toilet Paper Card for My Sister

When you have no idea what to get for your sister’s birthday, why not send a roll of our Birthday Toilet Paper instead of a regular card? Sure to bring smiles and laughter, along with being practical! A fun way to let her know you’re thinking of her on her special day!

You can personalize the poem’s title to add the recipient’s name, and you can reuse the file again and again, changing the title when necessary…How frugal, yet practical, is that? All you need is a roll of toilet paper, some wrapping paper, and our PDF file to make an unforgettable gift!

The poem says…

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

This is your Birthday and to show I care,
I wanted to get you something to wear…

I wasn’t sure of your size, and money is tight,
and buying the wrong thing just wouldn’t be right…

So, I’m giving you something I know you can use;
It’s almost as useful as a new pair of shoes.

Now every time you sit to pee,
I know that you will be thinking of me!

So, use this gift to dry your tush,
Then make a wish before you flush.

***This is for a PDF file to download so you can make the gift yourself. There is nothing for us to physically ship out.

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