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Juliette’s Prayer Cloth – PDF Pattern

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Prayer Cloth

Prayer Cloth

These prayer/comfort cloths are not unique to any particular denomination. The intentions of love, prayer, peace & well-being that you knit into each cloth are a visible reminder to the recipient that God is with them, and that they are being prayed for. It has been shown that prayer and meditation have a biological component in healing, and can help restore optimism and help people cope better. By knitting and giving a Prayer Cloth, you are encouraging this process to take place, while letting them know that you are praying for them, big-time!

The Prayer Cloth can be given to someone after a loss or in times of stress; for use during prayer or meditation; for those undergoing medical procedures, illness or recovery; as a keepsake during baptisms or christenings; as a reminder of love and prayers for those separated by miles, such as military personnel.

Prayer Cloths in different colors

Prayer Cloths in different colors

This pattern is written without  abbreviations, row by row, so that you can cross off each row as it is done, making it easier to keep your place. Using worsted weight yarn and #7 needles will give you a cloth approximately 5″ x 7″, depending on your own gauge.  This size is easily folded into a pocket or purse for traveling. We recommend checking out if you need any help with a particular technique.

Two different gift poems are included with the Prayer Cloth Pattern, which can be printed out on cardstock and included with your gift; you choose which one suits your purpose best.

The one poem reads:

I said a prayer of healing for you –
body, mind and soul.
That God would bring you comfort
to restore and make you whole.

I prayed you’d be surrounded
by His awesome love and healing,
dispelling all anxiety or pain
you might be feeling.

Finally, I prayed you’d
be uplifted by His grace,
and feel yourself enfolded
in the peace of His embrace.

And the other poem reads:

There’s work to do, deadlines to meet,
you’ve got no time to spare,
but as you hurry and scurry,
Always Say A Prayer.

In the midst of family chaos,
“quality time” is rare.
Do your best, let God do the rest,
and Always Say A Prayer.

God knows how stressful life is,
He wants to ease our cares.
And He’ll respond A.S.A.P.
– Always Say A Prayer.

Prayer Cloth poem

Prayer Cloth poem


***This is for a PDF file to download so you can make the gift yourself. There is nothing for us to physically ship out.

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